Product/Engineering development

Understand the goals in order to achieve results

Working in partnership with its customers, and understanding in detail the goals for each project, MD Moldes advises, develops and presents technical solutions to achieve the intended results.


Prototype to anticipate

Prototypes are crucial for budgeting, and also for visualizing the product, thus enabling the detection, anticipation and correction of any issues.
MD Moldes provides SLA, SLS and RIM prototyping tools.

Mould Design

A qualified high performing team

The design department is equipped with a team of highly qualified engineers, backed by design tools (Pro-Engineer) that guarantee the best performance for each project.

Mould Manufacturing

Quality moulds for products that exceed expectations

With modern production facilities, highly qualified professionals, and a careful selection of materials, MD Moldes is fully prepared to offer high quality solutions and products for various market sectors.

Mould Testing

Testing to optimize performance

Once manufactured, moulds are tested, recreating the conditions specified by each customer, regarding the cycle time, machine size, and type of material. This stage is crucial, enabling the adjustments required for an excellent moulding performance.


Controlled processes for quality products

With modern machinery, qualified staff and process control, the achievement of quality and production deadlines is guaranteed.

Rheological study

Analyse to increase efficiency

Based on information gathered through rheological analysis, one can define procedures and find solutions to achieve the best results.
MD Moldes develops filling/compression analysis, in order to improve the performance of the production process; cooling analyses for more efficient processing; and deformation analyses for higher quality parts.


Sharing in order to streamline processes

At any time, customers can view and manage all project details.
MD Moldes makes information available through a common browser, with restricted access, which is updated every week, thus allowing customers to always be aware of their projects status and development.